Graeme Stuckings Story

Graeme Stuckings 

I am a mere mortal in this striving metropolis on a quest to fulfil a dream, to help the world to see the wonder of life and the joy we all share to exist in these current times. 

That it is possible, no matter what life throws at you, that we all, must take the first step, and I have started alone to make the difference.

 I’ve had the joy, the laughter, the dance moves, the jokes, the banter, the karaoke, the chorus, the lead actor, the stand in, the singer, the song writer, the director, the producer, the doorman, the lighting guy, the set builder, the helper, the promoter, the light technician, the extra, the electrician, the switch board builder, the stage manager, the choreographer, the costume designer, the prop designer, the tenor, the baritone, the musical performer, the ballroom dancer, the salsa, the jive, the foxtrot, the quickstep, the cha cha, the rumba, the swing waltz, the evening three step, the Gypsy tap, the Charmaine, the Lucille waltz, the Barkley blues, the balmoral blues, the Chicago swing, the rumba one, the progressive barn dance, the boiler maker, the welder, the plumber, the gardener, the carpenter, the fence builder, the photographer, the tradesmen, the important, the president, the secretary, the treasure, the businessman, the accountant, the entertainer, the swimmer, the water skier, the sailer, the fisherman, the hunter, the marksman, the motorcyclist, the motor cross rider, the cook, the cleaner, the teacher, the supervisor, the servicemen, the driver, the taxi driver, the quad bike rider, the renovator, the deck builder, the water feature builder, the bobcat operator, the tractor driver, the farmer, the fox hunter, the pig hunter, the rabbit chaser, the dune buggy driver, the off shore fisherman, the roof tiler, the floor laminator, the solar installer, the solar designer, the solar trainer, the therapist, the listener, the care giver, the child supporter, the juror, the jet ski rider, the speed boat driver, the factory worker, the steel fixer, the high rise builder, the gambler, the first aid man, the runner, the body builder, the creator, the visionary, the discoverer, the estimator, the rigger, the cabler, the Concreter, the pergola builder, the tv antenna installer, the toilet installer, the cabinet maker, the spirit guide, the councillor, the public speaker, the philosopher, the board game player, the card player, the poker player, the roulette player, the wine taster, the breather, the meditator, the negotiator, the friend, the mate, the cobber, the schoolies, the eater, the diner, the romantic, the hill climber, the indoor rock climber, the machine fixer, the press repairer, the car mechanic, the leather worker, the wood worker, the film creator, the editor, the proof reader, the light tower climber, the cherry picker operator, the elevator platform operator, the power tool operator, the car hoist installer, the water tank installer, the irrigation man, the battery installer, the safety officer, the golfer, the tennis player, the hockey player, the back yard cricket player, the father, the brother, the husband, the divorced, the single guy, the dreamer, the believer, the lover, the loved, the live one, the surgically operated on most of all the father, the past husband, the future groom, and who knows, the next big thing.

I’ve spent a life being someone for someone else. I’ve had a trip one might say, what drug is he on. These were choices I made, no one held a gun to my head. I am me, discovering yourself can be frightening, but refusing yourself of the journey will destroy you.

 My vision is to spread my knowledge and know how to the people that I love and the ones who ask for the help. 

I have never stopped learning from then till now and never stop learning. The day I stop learning will be the day I die.

 Embrace this life, think of yourself, think of others, think of the ones you left behind, the ones you miss, the ones  that hold you, the one that laugh with you, the ones that you have lost, the ones you hug, the ones that make this journey memorable, the ones that are with you, the ones that make it, the ones that go to work, the ones that smile, the ones that cry, the ones that are sad, the ones that are watching over us, and especially the ones you love.

This is my story, I’m grateful to live in this country, I’m grateful for the sunshine and grateful for the rain.

Live, love, be loved, be interesting, and have variety.

Your day will be as bright as the smile on your face.

After all, THIS IS MY LIFE. 

Words from G

Music of the Night

Last Hearts Dance

What’s in a heart 

That aches and longs to start

Is it joy from the moment

The moment you touched my heart 

Is it the time to take the chance 

To create a wild romance

Or is it the chance for the glance

for a lifetime of dance

It’s memories wanting to create 

That will make your life great

It’s the trip that has no reason

Only love to start your heart 

Start on a journey 

You have nothing to loose 

It’s life to the limit 

That will make it worth while 

Its love it’s the energy

Its faith to take the chance

Do you trust your inner instinct

To create the life of bliss

We all have the drama 

The one to steal your dream 

It’s courage that takes the chance 

To make this a real romance.

So what are you waiting for 

What makes this one the one.

What makes your words like music

That will start a heart to dance

Feel it is this for real

A soul has found it match

It’s you that I long for this union

We have joined it under the stars

Let’s make it we can do this 

If we just keep believing 

We had made it this far  

We can make the last dance.